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Transforming Talent into Success

TalentMAT's methodology is based on Talent as the core building block. TalentMAT (Talent Management Aptitude Testing) identifies student's top three Talents, Aptitude, and existing skills. A combination of these proficiencies with a test for intelligence will constitute the Talent Profile. The description of the proficiencies almost always defines the person.

The World Health Organization defines life skills as

"abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enables individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life"

Ever wondered how a simple timepiece is so complex on the inside?

Running a good school is equally complex!

Now, Gravity a professionally created program helps you run your school like clockwork.

Gravity Software (CBSE – CCE compliant)

  • • Created by practising CBSE teachers for their peers
  • • Teachers have understood the pain points and challenges
  • • Workflows are shorter and smarter, to make it easier and faster
  • • Capability for Mass updates incorporated

Co-Scholastic Areas and Activities

  • • The Life skills content and methodology created by education psychologists
  • • Sports and Arts teachers involved in creation of the software
  • • Inputs taken from appropriate Subject Matter Experts

Alerts & Actionable View

  • • Complex and sophisticated auto- alert mechanism in place
  • Predictive Analytics built in mechanism to alert Teachers and Parents
  • • Psychologists and Teachers on call for guidance and back-up